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Self-reg and The Zones of Regulation

Just like with parenting, I truly believe that taking on a united approach as a school team can prove to be so powerful and productive. I have been witness to this in my school this year, as we work as a team towards a shared approach in how we are teaching social and emotional learning, more specifically,… Continue reading Self-reg and The Zones of Regulation

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The Game of School #immooc 2

During the first live episode of the #immooc, A.J. Juliani talked about the game of school that most kids play, and by this, he didn’t mean imaginative play where one of them is the teacher and the rest are the students. The game of school that he refers to is one that most kids will play throughout their k-12 schooling (if they decide… Continue reading The Game of School #immooc 2

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4 Ways in Which Innovative Education Simplifies Classroom Management

While scrolling through Twitter this morning, I stumbled upon the following tweet by @gcouros, which immediately had me nmh (nod my head) and state “Yes!” out loud! Simple yet profound statement a teacher shared – "The more innovative I have become, the less I have to worry about classroom management." — George Couros (@gcouros) February… Continue reading 4 Ways in Which Innovative Education Simplifies Classroom Management

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Heart Work

It is no secret that being a teacher is hard work, but what is also becoming more and more talked about is that quality teaching also involves a lot of “heart work,” maybe not those words exactly, but that is what I like to call it. I actually believe that ” heart work,”if I can say the word heart this… Continue reading Heart Work

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Inclusion – Meaningful Participation and Learning for All

A course assignment this week had me tasked with creating a representation of what inclusion means to me. Based on my experiences and course readings, the sketchnote below is what I came up with. The assignment itself is a great example of an inclusive approach to education. The prof. allowed for creative freedom (keeping in mind everyone’s different… Continue reading Inclusion – Meaningful Participation and Learning for All

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Just Ask Siri!

The #edublogsclub prompt this week (read more about the group and join here) has the participants sharing what their classroom and work spaces look like and how they are set up. Being in Student Services and out of the classroom means that I spend a lot of time in other teachers’ classrooms. While I initially thought… Continue reading Just Ask Siri!

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Thank You Tribe!

This morning I was doing an #IMMOOC tribal dance with a colleague at my school (Annick Rauch) who is also participating in the #IMMOOC (Innovator’s Mindset massive open online course). We weren’t really dancing, but rather going on about what a great learning experience the #IMMOOC has been and the risks we have taken as a result of being part of the group. When I reflect… Continue reading Thank You Tribe!