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Setting Sail – A Reflection

The following is a reflection on an implementation project that I have been working on with two class at my school. Read more about the project here. Since starting in education, I have always had a general understanding of what inclusion means. What has been more challenging over the years however, is knowing where and how to start, in… Continue reading Setting Sail – A Reflection


Are You Meeting Your Students’ Basic Needs?

Consider this list of basic student needs drawn from ideas set forth by R. Dreikurs, W. Glasser, and C.M. Charles, among others: Security Association Belonging Dignity Hope Power Enjoyment Competence How are you doing as an educator, and how is your school doing as a whole, to meet these basic needs of all of your… Continue reading Are You Meeting Your Students’ Basic Needs?

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Watershed Moments

I recently came across a blogpost shared by Dean Shareski on Twitter in which he shared his watershed moments of learning. I loved reading about his lightbulb moments, as well as those of his readers, and was inspired to share mine. I have been reflecting  on my own watershed moments (the defining moments in my career  as… Continue reading Watershed Moments