Best answer: Will tailbone pain go away after pregnancy?

For most women, tailbone pain subsides soon after delivery. Unfortunately, sometimes the instability caused by loose ligaments during pregnancy and the trauma of delivery can cause ongoing tailbone pain and postpartum pelvic floor dysfunction.

When does tailbone pain go away after pregnancy?

Funny enough, the tailbone is actually our vestigial tail as it disappears around 8 weeks of gestation. This bone may be tiny but it can play a mighty role in pelvic, low back and even hip pain during pregnancy and postpartum.

How do you get rid of tailbone pain after pregnancy?

To ease pain and help your pelvis heal:

  1. Take medicine. The doctor might tell you to take NSAIDs like acetaminophen or naproxen to help with pain. …
  2. Use support. …
  3. Lie in bed. …
  4. Move — but not too much. …
  5. See a physical therapist.

How common is tailbone pain after childbirth?

Don’t live with it! Coccyx pain is really common postnatally, after birth and sometimes for a long time after birth. Although this is not a normal part of the postnatal period, and you really don’t have to live with it.

Why does my tailbone hurt so much after giving birth?

Instability of the coccyx in coccydynia. Bone & Joint Journal, 82(7), 1038–1041. Finally, tailbone pain can result from trauma such as a fall or from labor and delivery. During labor and delivery the coccyx has to extend backward to allow baby to come through.

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When should you see a doctor for tailbone pain?

You should call your doctor immediately if you have pain in the tailbone and any of the following other symptoms: A sudden increase in swelling or pain. Constipation that lasts a long time. Sudden numbness, weakness, or tingling in either or both legs.

Does Coccydynia ever go away?

Tailbone pain, also called coccydynia or coccygodynia, usually goes away on its own within a few weeks or months.

How long does PGP last?

How long does it take for PGP to go away after birth? It will depend on the severity of your PGP, but most women can expect their symptoms to improve 2 to 6 weeks after birth as their hormones and body recover from pregnancy.

How can I help PGP?

How can I reduce PGP?

  1. Sit on a firm chair with a rolled towel or cushion to support the lower back.
  2. Do not cross your legs when sitting.
  3. Directly face your computer screen (avoid sitting in a twisted posture)
  4. Place a pillow between your knees and ankles when lying on your side at night.

How painful is it to break your tailbone?

A break or injury to the coccyx can be very painful, especially when you sit down. The tailbone attaches to the large gluteus maximus muscle, as well as several other muscles and ligaments. Women are five times more likely to have tailbone pain than men, especially during and after pregnancy.