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RD Program Lesson 3 – Group B

The following is a reflection on Lesson 3 of the RD Program that I have started in a Grade 4 classroom at my school. Read more about the program here, as well as my reflections on each lesson: Getting Started Lesson 1 Lesson 2 While Lesson 2 involves students self-reflecting and identifying their own strengths, challenges, and… Continue reading RD Program Lesson 3 – Group B


Are You Meeting Your Students’ Basic Needs?

Consider this list of basic student needs drawn from ideas set forth by R. Dreikurs, W. Glasser, and C.M. Charles, among others: Security Association Belonging Dignity Hope Power Enjoyment Competence How are you doing as an educator, and how is your school doing as a whole, to meet these basic needs of all of your… Continue reading Are You Meeting Your Students’ Basic Needs?


Part Three – Why Blog?

My third and final reason for starting a blog this summer is because it has been an incredible year of growth for me (fortunately not just around my middle)! Lucking out in my selection of professional development seminars and workshops, as well as starting at a new school, which is always an opportunity for growth, resulted in a year jam packed with learning and progress. And because there is so much crossover between parenting and teaching strategies, I feel like not only my teaching skills improved, but my parenting skills as well.


Part Two – Why Blog?

Mindset is another word that seems to be abuzz on my Twitter feed these days and also happens to be the title of a book by Carol Dweck that I am currently reading. The book, as well as much of what I am reading on Twitter, outlines the importance of approaching our goals with a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset. It discourages viewing our intelligence, abilities and talents as fixed and instead suggests that these can all be developed.