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Self-reg and The Zones of Regulation

Just like with parenting, I truly believe that taking on a united approach as a school team can prove to be so powerful and productive. I have been witness to this in my school this year, as we work as a team towards a shared approach in how we are teaching social and emotional learning, more specifically,… Continue reading Self-reg and The Zones of Regulation

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Let There be Light!

This post is part of the #EdublogsClub – a group of educators and edtech enthusiasts that blog around a common theme each week. Simply write a post and share it to join in, or sign up to receive email reminders of each new prompt.  Prompt: 100 Word Challenge Let’s try our own 100 Word Challenge!… Continue reading Let There be Light!

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Making Meaning Through Pop Culture

When PLNs collide!!!! My ideas for this week’s #IMMOOC blog prompt are very much in line with those I had for the #edublogsclub prompt, so it makes sense to cover them both in the same post. #IMMOOC Blog Prompt: Innovation is defined as a way of thinking that creates something new and better. What are some examples that you consider innovative?  How… Continue reading Making Meaning Through Pop Culture

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The Game of School #immooc 2

During the first live episode of the #immooc, A.J. Juliani talked about the game of school that most kids play, and by this, he didn’t mean imaginative play where one of them is the teacher and the rest are the students. The game of school that he refers to is one that most kids will play throughout their k-12 schooling (if they decide… Continue reading The Game of School #immooc 2

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8 Of Elsie’s Favourite Calm-down Strategies

This next post is a guest post of sorts. It is “co-written” by my daughter Elsie (6 years old) and me. Elsie is often curious about what it means exactly, when I say I’m blogging, and because she has some ideas to share, I thought I would show her a bit about what it means to blog!… Continue reading 8 Of Elsie’s Favourite Calm-down Strategies

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4 Ways in Which Innovative Education Simplifies Classroom Management

While scrolling through Twitter this morning, I stumbled upon the following tweet by @gcouros, which immediately had me nmh (nod my head) and state “Yes!” out loud! Simple yet profound statement a teacher shared – "The more innovative I have become, the less I have to worry about classroom management." — George Couros (@gcouros) February… Continue reading 4 Ways in Which Innovative Education Simplifies Classroom Management

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Heart Work

It is no secret that being a teacher is hard work, but what is also becoming more and more talked about is that quality teaching also involves a lot of “heart work,” maybe not those words exactly, but that is what I like to call it. I actually believe that ” heart work,”if I can say the word heart this… Continue reading Heart Work