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And the Award Goes To…

This next post is one that has been brewing for the better part of a month, but that I have struggled to organize and actually write. The Twitterverse keeps dropping tweets, memes, blogposts and quotes reminding me, and nudging me to get on it! So here is my attempt at organizing the scattered thoughts that have been… Continue reading And the Award Goes To…

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Let There be Light!

This post is part of the #EdublogsClub – a group of educators and edtech enthusiasts that blog around a common theme each week. Simply write a post and share it to join in, or sign up to receive email reminders of each new prompt.  Prompt: 100 Word Challenge Let’s try our own 100 Word Challenge!… Continue reading Let There be Light!

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It Takes a Village, a 21st Century Village

We continue to hear and use the popular ancient proverb “It takes a village (to raise a child),” referring to the idea that child rearing is a shared responsibility and that children thrive when they grow up as part of a connected community. For my husband this quite literally was the case. He and his family… Continue reading It Takes a Village, a 21st Century Village

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I recently tweeted the following in response to a question put out to the Twitterverse by Dr. Justin Tarte, an educator who’s ideas and messages often resonate with me. RELATIONSHIPS! Most kids will usually behave out of function of attachment. When they don't it's likely stress behaviour not misbehaviour. — Sheila Vick (@sheila_vick) July 16,… Continue reading RELATIONSHIPS – WHAT’S ALL THE FUSS ABOUT?

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Back in the Driver’s Seat

I can think of a few times in my life when I felt as though I was living on autopilot for a long stretch of time. The first time I remember experiencing this was when my husband and I had our first child. Nothing could have prepared me for the life changes and challenges brought on by parenthood, the biggest… Continue reading Back in the Driver’s Seat

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RD PROGRAM – Evaluation and Feedback

The following is my evaluation of an implementation project that I worked on with two classes at my school. Read more about the project here. The general goal of my implementation plan was to influence and encourage more respect for diversity within the classroom, thereby allowing all students to be contributing and valued members of the… Continue reading RD PROGRAM – Evaluation and Feedback

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Setting Sail – A Reflection

The following is a reflection on an implementation project that I have been working on with two class at my school. Read more about the project here. Since starting in education, I have always had a general understanding of what inclusion means. What has been more challenging over the years however, is knowing where and how to start, in… Continue reading Setting Sail – A Reflection