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Change Your Aim

I love finding inspirational educators to learn from,  especially ones that put a fun and memorable spin on the messages they are sharing; little catch phrases, analogies or visuals that help me to better store their ideas in my head for easy retrieval later!

Shelley Moore is one of those people, and a homegrown Canadian one to boot! She talks and writes professionally about transforming inclusive education, and about Universal Design for Learning, two topics that go hand-in-hand, and ones that need to be discussed together. At a recent PD workshop, an inspirational video of hers was shared, which later led me to some of her other work and to buying her book, but more to come on that in another post. For now I will focus on the aforementioned video.

In the video Shelley talks about transforming education and Universal Design for Learning, by comparing it to bowling. I know! It seems weird, but just wait! It will all make sense! Like in bowling, when educators simply aim down the middle they are missing the pins (or kids) on the outsides. These kids are the ones that need the most support or the most challenge, and are also the ones that we should actually be aiming for.

7- 10

As educators, we need to realize that by aiming for the outside pins (or kids) instead, we can actually put in place supports that benefit all of our students while simultaneously creating an environment where diversity between students is valued.


Watch Shelley’s video below, and stay tuned as I continue to learn more about UDL and how to put it into practice in the classroom!


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