Around this time of year, like many others, I am thinking of New Year’s resolutions. Almost every year, mine are related to fitness or weight loss (mostly because I fail miserably every year at meeting these goals and have to start all over every January). This year, because I’m just not in that headspace, I’ve decided to settle with being a bit fluffy for a while longer, and focusing on a few different ideas instead, one of which will be blogging.

Blogging is something that despite being super nervous about doing when I first started out, is now something I find quite relaxing. For this reason, one of my goals for 2017 is to work at making more time for blogging. In an effort to stay true to my goal, I have decided to combine a few ideas that are floating around on social media, and tailor them to what I feel will work for me.

Many people are taking on #365projects where they do something every day for a year, like blogging daily. This would be far too much of a commitment for me, but it has inspired me to commit to a #52project (a blogpost every week for a year). Some weeks these will be based on the blog prompts provided by the #edublogsclub or the #blogamonth group, two groups that I am a part of. Other weeks I may feel inspired by something else, like a book I’ve read, or something new I’ve tried with my students. The only rule I am imposing on myself is to find the time to reflect and write once a week.

Let’s see how I do!

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