Family and Friends

With a Little Help From my Friends

I have been a somewhat active participant in the #blogamonth group, a group of educators that encourage each other to blog once a month on shared topics (read more here). This month’s topic about gratitude and about giving thanks is an easy one for me to write about, as I feel I have a lot to be grateful for!

This year, both my work life and home life have been more challenging than most years. Most educators (I think), have lived those more challenging years, and have come to realize that it is just the nature of their job. What has added to the challenge this year for me, is home life struggles in regards to health of family members. As a result of the combined work life and school life challenges, I have been leaning a lot on my people lately, which is where my gratitude comes in to play. I am so thankful to have them by my side!

The easiest way for me to describe the start up of this school year, is that it kicked off with a bang, and has kept me on my toes ever since. Despite being hard work, I kind of thrive on these challenges and learn so much from them. As  mentioned, home life has also been challenging this year, and though I thrive on work life challenges, home life challenges, when they involve the health and well-being of my people, are unfortunately much less exciting.


The good news is, that through this all,  I have been surrounded by my people! “My people” are the friends that have become family (they know who they are), and my family that have always been my friends. They are the people who don’t care “if I sing out of tune,” and no matter what, they are always there for me. It is so comforting to be surrounded by my people, both at home and at work, and for them I am so grateful!

So, to my people, in case I don’t say it enough, THANK YOU (or  “sank you,” as we say in my family)!


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