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Thank You Tribe!

This morning I was doing an #IMMOOC tribal dance with a colleague at my school (Annick Rauch) who is also participating in the #IMMOOC (Innovator’s Mindset massive open online course). We weren’t really dancing, but rather going on about what a great learning experience the #IMMOOC has been and the risks we have taken as a result of being part of the group.


When I reflect on why it has been so great, or what has made it so great, I realize the following:

  1. We have been given a voice in the group.
  2. We have had a lot of choice throughout the course.
  3. We have been given autonomy throughout the course.
  4. We have networked far and wide and through a variety of platforms.
  5. We have built trust within the group which has provided a sense of psychological safety and has encouraged us to share stories and our beliefs.
  6. We have been encouraged and empowered.
  7. We have taken risks and stepped outside of our comfort zones.
  8. There has been dialogue and competitive collaboration.
  9. There has been so much reflection.
  10. The enthusiasm and energy of the group has been contagious.
  11. We have been encouraged to start where we are at.
  12. We have shared the experience with many learning leaders.
  13. We have been able to feel successful and therefore build confidence and competence.
  14. The group has been full of fountains (no drains)
  15. There has been a sense of empathy within the group.
  16. We have been problem-finders and problem-solvers together.
  17. We have created, created, created!

… and last but not least, like George, we are a group of Educators AND learners by passion. If we can provide the above for our teachers and students, they can be too!

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