Why Blog?

Why blog? Why now? There are many factors that have encouraged me to finally start a blog this summer. My first few posts will focus on sharing these many reasons and what prompted or pushed me to finally do it.

Mindfulness is a real buzz word right now, especially in education. Because my 20s were fraught with sometimes debilitating anxiety and depression, I have long used a variety of calming strategies to manage the beast of anxiety, but mindfulness goes beyond these strategies, and is something I want to learn more about and work at.

Source: Henck van Bilsen

With this in mind, my goal this summer is to spend more time doing things that allow me to be mindful, and less time running around with my mind full. I tend to be a bit of a stress case, often darting from here to there, doing a million things at once. Although I know that this is sometimes just the reality of parenting (and teaching), I also recognize that I need to slow down and be more mindful in all that I do throughout the day. Right now even my slowing down is chaotic, and very little of my day includes doing one task mindfully.

So there you have it! This is where blogging comes in. Instead of whiling away my time mindlessly jumping from one thing to another on my phone or tablet, I am pledging to take on more meaningful and mindful tasks and projects, like blogging, reading BOOKS, or mindfully enjoying a conversation with my husband without mentally tackling my to-do list at the same time.

With my first summer read being Goldie Hawn’s 10 Mindful Minutes, you can expect more on mindfulness in the next little while.

What are your reasons for blogging?

What are your tips for a newbie blogger?

Do you practice mindfulness? How?

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